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I never check the marketplace for pricing guidance because my positioning is unique and I'm able to dollarize the value I provide, so I don't have to compete on price.
I have a clear, compelling and organic differentiation, not based on the latest “hack” or “phrase of the month” but rather engages the deepest emotions of my prospects, clients and customers; my differentiation is unique and evergreen. I’ve created a category of one for which I am a unique authority.
The fastest way to success is to look at how more successful people in your industry have built their brands and businesses and do what they did.
I have a well-defined market vision for my business and/or practice, products and services that match my personal strengths and emotionally resonate with my prospects, clients and patients.
I know and can deploy on demand at least 5 powerful triggers to push and engage my prospects emotional buy-buttons now.
I’m confident in my ability to write prospect seducing and/or engaging copy- whether it’s a sales page, blog post or video script…BECAUSE I know the aches, pains, hopes, dreams, fears both hidden and un-hidden and other things that my ideal prospects, clients and/or customers are struggling to solve AND I have crafted (and/or can craft) a solution to solve them. I can literally feel the pain of my prospects, clients, patients and customers.

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